This could probably be the most hideous sofa in the world and it costs more than a Tesla Model S

If you thought COVID-19 was the worst thing that could happen to us, here’s proof it isn’t! We have something super ghastly for you to see, and its called ‘Zebra with Médaillons Sofa’. The world of weird-and-expensive products isn’t new to us but this certainly blew our socks off with its sheer nefariousness. Let’s venture a little further and understand what makes it worth the $146,000 price tag that comes along with it. We do know that the structure is made of solid beech wood, and upholstered with Burchell zebra natural skin. Using animal skin is a no-no and then making it look this horrible is a bigger crime; so whoever sitting there in France is conceptualizing these products needs to get their sense of design in place and soon. Lending the sofa a right-out-of-the-wild vibe are is the backrest that’s ornamented with 2 natural reindeer antlers while the armrest is made with zebu horns and kudu horns (zebu and kudu are horned cattle and antelope respectively).

If all this animal contribution wasn’t enough, the maker of the ‘Zebra with Médaillons Sofa has thrown in a natural amethyst stone from Brazil at the top of the central backrest along with nails, details, and finishes in solid bronze. As mentioned earlier the Zebra with Médaillons Sofa costs $146,000

[Available at: 1stdibs]

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