Maximo Riera’s Hippopotamus sofa brings the power and tenacity of the river horse to your living room

Wild home décor appears to be the latest trend to hit homeowners! We’ve already seen chairs inspired by majestic whales, raging rhinoceroses and serene elephants and now, adding to the safari inspired furniture trend is the Hippopotamus sofa by Maximo Riera studio. The uniqueness of this sofa lies in its incredibly detailed design and true-to-size scale. Indeed the sofa stands at a height of 140 cm with a breadth of 297 cm, mimicking the dimensions of an adult male Hippo. The design pays tribute to the animal that the Greeks referred to as the River Horse; Hippos are known for their intrepidity and tenacity and their bravery was respected by even the Zulu Warriors.

As the seat is fitted into the side of the sofa rather than the front or back, one half of the sofa offers an unobstructed and realistic view of the imposing animal. The thoughtful design combines functionality with art with impressive results. Even the surface of the hippo’s skin has been translated into this sofa with attention to corrugation and surface imperfections to render as authentic a design as possible.

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, this may be the exactly the sofa that your living room needs!

The Hippopotamus sofa is priced at £70.000 ($95.000), and it is a limited edition of 20 pieces like the rest of the collection.


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