Eclipse collection by Gloster!

What could be better than relaxing outdoors this summer? Well just relaxing outdoors isn’t the ideal way. Relaxing on the Eclipse outdoor furniture is the better and definitely close to ideal way! You can get intimate, snug, tranquil or tanned. It’s just what the doctor ordered and it’s ‘the thing’ for the summer chill-out days (what a paradox). I don’t know what is it called the eclipse collection for but whatever the philosophy behind it, the output is darn cool. This collection includes an eclipse relaxer which comes in a variety of cushion fabrics ranging from macaw mosaic, pink stripe, pink floral to melon floral and so on. Also comes in the collection a semi-circular footstool, small elliptical table and an arching canopy.

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On matching and mixing them together you can not only get great furniture but also a lot of summer fun. The sofa and footstool can make a great pair to relax on and just bask in the suns glory. This collection has stolen my heart and occupied a space not in my heart but my patio.

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