Fortress Seating’s Casablanca redefines comfortable lounging

I love big giant spacious couches. The kind in which you feel like you can get lost. Fortress Seating’s Casablanca is one such couch that redefines lazy lounging. This is most definitely a perfect lounger especially in front of your home theatre. I can’t think of a better way to get cozy with some popcorn and your favorite DVD. But usually, big couches tend to have that sloppy and slouchy look. This one is definitely an exception; you’ll be happy to know that it has a crafted camelback, tapered alder feet, and nail-heard detail. The seatback and cushions are stuffed with down and high-density foam which means your comfort hasn’t been compromised to make way for looks. However, you’d better have a big enough room for this baby, because, for all its comfort and style, it tends to occupy a good amount of space. The overall dimensions are 125 inches wide and 67 inches deep.

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To own a Casablanca make sure you have $8,400. Oh, and did I mention that maybe this romantic name is because there is enough room for you and a-someone special to roll about?

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