Fuwapica furniture…futuristic furniture!

Let all the emoticons be at bay and let the Fuwapica furniture play the expressionist. What I’m trying to get to here is that this furniture, apart from making a very comfortable seat it actually changes color in response to the weight and positioning of the user in addition to built-in sensors that determine the color of items on the table in order to complement the environment with a matching color of its own. Now that’s what I call ideal match-making. This is something that can add to your interiors much more than just furniture. It’s like a value addition to the milieu that will never have a dull moment with the Fuwapica furniture hanging around in bright colors.

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If it interests you and you have the moolah you can pick up the Honeycomb and Ice chairs now for a preview of what the future will look like for $3,520 and $1,510 a pop.

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