Bow-wow on Ferris wheel in Japan

If you are a cynophilist [(n.) – one who loves dogs], this one will certainly persuade you to make your next plan. Fuji-Q Highland (Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan) has its arms wide open for dogs. The tough pull since 1960 has now become tougher, hasn’t it? Fuji-Q Highland wisely realised that for most of the dog owners, dogs are their babies. Isn’t it universally true that kids love amusement parks? They brilliantly connected the two and priced it 900 yen (US$8 – same as a child). Now hop in not only with your family, but also Marley! Stroll leisurely through parks during its promotion (dogs on leash and excluding Thomas Land).

But an amusement park without being able to ride is such a huge disappointment. Fuji-Q Highland cannot risk roller coasters but Ferris wheel (500 yen); paddle boats, merry-go-round, and spinning teacups (400 yen each) are greeting the dog cuteness gracefully. Let them dip into the doggy pool as well to escape the torturous heat. Benefit from discount for multiple animals. While you do that, carry a water bottle and baggies to clean up any markings or other digestive messes the pooches make during their time at the park.

Mount Fuji in Tokyo is the highest peak (snow-capped in winter) in Japan. Before Fujiyama (roller coaster ride at Fuji-Q Highland) dives into a deep drop, it offers a magnificent view of Mount Fuji. It also houses the Haunted Hospital, the world’s second largest haunted attraction, and the newly built Hopeless Fortress. In 2006, on the 9th Season of The Amazing Race, the final 3 teams came here and rode Tondemina, Dodonpa and Fujiyama looking for a clue to their next destination. We wish more amusement parks adopt this Fuji-Q Highland style. Let’s not wait for that to happen though. When are you flying to Japan to join the Fuji-Q Wanland (wan being the sound of a dog barking in Japanese) festivities?

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