Hate your job? Get yourself one of these designer coffin chairs to let the world know!

Via - Chairbox

If you’re looking for a quirky new buy that spells satire like no other – have a look at ‘The Last Shift Chair.’ Designed like a coffin, the piece of furniture has gone viral on the internet and is for everyone who hates their job…or loves it so much that they could die for it! Better known as the Coffin Office Chair, it is designed by the UK-based Chairbox. Commenting on it, the designer, in a statement to designboom, said, ‘I thought that if I die in this pose, they might have to bury me like that. It would be so inconvenient to put me in a coffin. They probably would need a special coffin in this case.’

Via – Chairbox

‘I told my friend about it, and we laughed, but after a couple of weeks, I returned to that idea and explored it a bit more. Later, I made a 3D model in CAD software, rendered it, and posted it online,’ Chairbox further added.

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Via – Chairbox

The idea of the chair was fueled by a recent study that depicted how sitting for six to eight hours per day may cause mortality. Impressed by it, a Reddit user said, ‘Finally! An office chair that reflects what it actually feels like to sit in on yet another pointless two-hour meeting that could have been a simple email!’

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Via – Chairbox

The piece of furniture is also being sold as an NFT on OpenSea, an American online non-fungible token marketplace. Available in walnut and charcoal wood, the coffin chair is an ideal representation of office life for many. Do you relate?

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