Interactive LED Coffee Table comes to life with motion

Every action of yours is going to be captured by this Interactive LED Coffee Table and reflected back! It comes to life the moment it senses any movement over it. This sensitive coffee table is more then just a table. It sits calms with slight attractive twinkling when there’s no movement happening. I think it is ideal stress buster furniture. You can just soothe your nerves by watching the soft twinkling lights or indulge in some innovative hand movements to set the LEDs to work. A striking wood lattice underneath spans the side waves and forms a strong shelf for storage. It consumes only 35 watts of power when fully active. That’s pretty less than a single common household light bulb!
More secrets of the twinkling table after the jump….

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Using a network of 32 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors, it detects motion above the table and changes in ambient light. Made of fully analog circuits, the light patterns sweep outwards from your motion with perfect fades, glowing stronger the closer the movement is, rippling across a pool of 480 super-bright white LEDs. This Coffee Table is large enough for a big room at 62″ long by 31″ wide by 18″ high and you can opt for a nice thick glass ($300 extra) or plastic top. For $2800, it works in broad daylight as well as night time. However it will look fantastic in dark.

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