Toshiba has developed a smart light that makes art and museum pieces look good

No place knows the importance of good lighting than an art gallery. It’s rather simple, for the multi-million dollar Monet to look good and vibrant from every angle at multiple distances the lighting has to be perfect. For accurate color reproduction art galleries and museums use multiple halogens and fluorescent lamps. However, the lighting has to be adjusted and configured for every event and exhibit, one can only imagine the ordeal at a gallery with high ceilings. Aiming to make the life of curators easy Toshiba has developed a smart LED spotlight. Once attached, its direction and luminosity can be controlled via Bluetooth from a smartphone.

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The light uses purple LED which unlike the traditional blue LED reproduces natural colors on paintings, sculptures and crafts more accurately and naturally. It provides an ideal environment where color reproducibility is required. Being more efficient the purple LED generates less heat than its traditional counterparts. Coming to the technicalities the instruments light flux is 570 lm, color temperature is 4000k, color rendering index is Ra 95 and the dimming range is 1 to 100%. Pricing and availability will be known by the end of this month.

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[Toshiba Lighting (Japanese)]

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