Mitsubishi newest LED costs $6,800 and it simulates sunlight

Working in a dull office with no view can be really monotonous. An atmosphere so dull can bog you down more than actually doing the irksome projects; which is why we need light in our lives. Not just any light, natural light even where the sun never shines, where the rays never stay and it’s blue all day long. That’s the deal with Mitsubishi’s ‘Misola’ skylight. This light is smart and can very convincingly emulate daylight patterns. It comes pretty close to looking absolutely natural but its 100 percent fake. In order to make it look like the real deal, the panel uses a special light filter that generates Rayleigh scattering – the same thing that makes skies blue. Also, they have cleverly played around the frame that only has three sides lit at any moment, creating a sharp shadow that makes it seem the light source is far away.

YouTube video

As the day progresses, the light also changes, imitating the different lighting of the mid-day sun against sunrise and sunset. This light is a great idea to brighten up dull spaces like warehouses, hospital rooms or offices that fall in the center in huge buildings and crave the warmth of the sun and the soothing blue skies. Getting light back into your life will cost you a whopping $6,200 for the manually timed version and goes over $6,800 for the automated one. I choose the darkness, blacks always been my favorite color.

[Via – Geekologie]

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