Rimowa and Monclear have collaborated for a luggage which has of all things a LED ticker

Rimowa a high–end luggage brand is good at a lot of things but two are certain, their bags and their collaborations. They have partnered with a lot of brands in the recent past and every time we wanted to pack our bags and get going. Their collection of spidery suitcases with Supreme was amazing but they now have something to top that too. Raising the bar high is their latest collab with Moncler, the result of which is the cutting-edge ‘Reflection’ luggage. The bag looks celestial with its ultra-shiny mirror-like finish (hence the name reflection) but what stands out as a USP is the scrolling LED ticker that allows you to custom messages entered by way of the accompanying “Reflection” app. Besides the ticker it has some very good additions (personally, I’m only fixated on the ticker) like matte black handles, riveted corners, dark grey luggage tag, and belt constitute the other stylish parts of the classy Reflection suitcase. What’s Moncler’s role in all of this? This is – Inside each suitcase, you’ll discover an elite silver packing cube within Moncler’s signature padded nylon fabric, plus a neon yellow luggage tag and belt cause that’s obviously needed.

Moncler x Rimowa Reflection suitcase is set to launch in June 2020. You can easily become the coolest person at the airport if traveling post-June and can probably post that message on your luggage too.

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[Via: Hypebeast]

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