You can now enjoy Wild Kopi Luwak coffee in individual $5 Nespresso pods

Coffee Connoisseurs can kill to devour a cup of authentic Kopi Luwak coffee. The lush coffee gets its name from the Indonesian civet cat that consumes perfectly ripened berries to give out what reaches us as a cup of divine goodness!

The premium coffee is touted as one of the most expensive in the world, selling for almost $600 a pound! However, in recent years the cuppa has received flak for its production patterns. The civet cats which are integral to the coffee’s making are often caged and kept in rather deplorable conditions. This raises questions on animal cruelty and the legitimacy of the final product that reaches consumers.

However, here to ensure that Kopi Luwak reaches ardent aficionados minus any cruelty in its making is Difference Coffee. The Company is touted to produce premium brews and sources Kopi Luwak from Gayo Estate – the only certified Wild Luwak Estates in Indonesia. Contrary to other production areas, the civet cats at the Gayo Estate roam wild and select only the ripest coffee cherries for consumption.

After the coffee beans are so digested and thrown out, they are taken through a series of washing, and quality sorting parameters based on the criteria set by the Specialty Coffee Association. The result is a rich coffee that is gentle on the palate, with delicious chocolate and caramel undertones. Kopi Luwak by Difference Coffee can be purchased online for in individual Nespresso pods priced at $5.8 or £4.50 per capsule. Fancy a cuppa for yourself?

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