Because junior deserves the best, here is a 6 in 1 stroller trike by Bentley

We live in a world ruled by tiny toddlers who twirl us around their little pinky fingers. They are doing so by actually living like royalty, sleeping in $25,870 vintage beds, zooming around in $34,000 Bugatti electric cars and now they will become part of the Bentley bandwagon too! You can be as young as only 8 months to get on the new Bentley tricycle. The Bentley birthday party isn’t close to over which is why the kids have a fancy Centennial Bentley Stroller Trike coming their way. Inspired by the Centennial GT, the six-in-one design transforms from a stroller with a protective canopy through to an edgy-looking trike when your child is ready to steer their own journey. Basically, as your child grows the trike will too allowing you to use it for a long time and make the investment worthwhile. The trike looks dapper with a matte black frame and rims with satin detailing and gold diamond-stitched seats that mimic the grand tourer. Kids move around with a lot of essentials and the master craftsmen of Bentley know that; the cup holder and storage basket that attaches magnetically are great additions. Totally digging the logo emblazoned in the front to show who’s got the hottest wheels of them all.

The limited-edition Bentley Trikes (only 570 to be made), are meant for children aged eight months to four years. The trike can be purchased online or via select retailers for $600 a pop.

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[Available at Bentley Trike]

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