Not Disneyland; but with the launch of Disney home our houses will be the happiest place on Earth.

Every time Disney releases a new movie, the world shrieks in delight, kids and adults in unison! Imagine our irrepressible euphoria on learning Disney has launched its first-ever homeware brand, Disney Home. The brand will not only focus on making children’s rooms the happiest space in the abode, but attention will be paid equally to Disney-crazy adults with alluring decor items, bespoke furniture, and designer pieces. That’s how the thriving $682 billion home decor industry will double its number once Disney Home lunches this week in Europe, followed by a global release. This foray into homes will don your humble abodes with everything from rugs, wallpaper, and accessories under the Disney Home umbrella.

Surface Mag pointed out Disney’s surprising foray into the home decor industry. They stated the global box office brought in a paltry $21 billion last year compared to the $682 billion decor industry. Admittedly the movie business is still in the post-pandemic recovery stages. Comparatively, home decor space is a much larger avenue. Disney aims to introduce an “expansive” line of licensed products that appeal to buyers of all incomes. “As our homes are now more important than ever, we wanted to introduce a new homeware brand that brings iconic Disney storytelling into everyday living spaces,” the company told Dezeen. “The result is Disney Home.” Liz Shortreed, Disney’s category Vice President shared, “From Minnie Mouse’s polka dots to the bold lines of The Millennium Falcon, Disney Home products have been thoughtfully designed to put the fun into functionality.”

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Fast Company also threw light on the different scope and prices customers can expect from various retailers. The least expensive products at launch will be the $17 wallpapers on Wayfair; the most costly will be the $277 gold-eared Mickey Mouse figurines by pop sculptor Leblon Delienne, available at Selfridges. Disney Home is already on Instagram, with six posts giving us a dekko at what our homes will be packed with shortly. Their launch video gives an exciting glimpse into what Disney homes will brighten our homes with. We can’t wait to dine at the table decorated with Star Wars-themed tableware, followed by a catnap on the bed with Mickey Mouse throws and pillows. Disney Home has already launched in the U.K. and Europe earlier this week, with the U.S. launch slated for later in 2022.

[Via: SurfaceMag]

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