OSIM uSpace massager rejuvenates sore muscles and wallets

On the streets of Bangkok, you often encounter massage parlors that promise you an indulgent session, where you get spa-like treatments dirt-cheap, Now I cant afford to go to Thailand ever so often, so the OSIM uSpace should suffice. Before you get weird ideas, I must tell you that genuine Thai massages are one of the best in the world, and is a must-try if you ever get the opportunity. Moving on, the OSIM uSpace has a cocoon-like structure that envelopes you. Warmed seat and sensors, which feature three different modes: “revitalize”, “relax” and “balance”, relax and rejuvenate you.

The enclosed space hooks up a music system that can sync with your MP3 player. It also encloses mood lightings to soothe your frayed nerves. For $6,000, a trip to Bangkok would be cheaper, but what the heck, if you don’t indulge every once in awhile, who will!
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