Pure Gold lives up to its lustrous name

As gold price pinnacled to prove its solid worth in the market, folks worldwide exhibited their support for one of the hottest investment options in this day and age. Nothing can discourage this most precious and most wanted luxury yellow metal from shining brighter than ever. While a hawk-shaped golden figurine worth $6,290 in Hong Kong signifies its soaring sensation, another 15 kg pure gold artifact got many eyebrows raised at an event to promote gold in Tokyo. To motivate investors and consumers at Tokyo Gold Week exhibition in Tokyo, Ginza Tanaka gold jewelry shop spread out gold ingots from various countries.

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And if you believe that wearing gold is predominantly women’s style then you’ve got to clear your perception. Even men love to flaunt this dazzling metal and Japanese actor Seishiro Kato intends to prove it by wearing a pure gold bow tie. Made of pure gold fibers by Japanese bullion house Tanaka Kikinzoku, the actor flaunted it to promote gold in Tokyo on October 7, 2009.Golden future lies ahead for this gold metal!

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