This New York bakery is selling the worlds most expensive cookie – It is covered in gold and costs $1,000

If you are visiting the Big Apple soon, with an urge to splurge – here’s something for you! Well you have to have a sweet tooth for this extraordinary 23-carat gold-leaf covered cookie. Retailing for $1,000, the cookie has been created by New York City-based Sofia Demetriou who owns Duchess Cookies.

Demetriou has been long wanting to dip her toes in the luxury market, and decided to take the plunge with these $1,000 cookies. Don’t worry, her less pricey cookies sell for $4 each. “I thought, ‘Why not create something that is super elaborate and beautiful and something that is really exclusive to people?'” Demetriou told FOX Business.

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The culinary entrepreneur roped in Jonathan Cheban – who happens to be Kim Kardashian West’s best friend – to help her advertise her luxury cookie on social media. “Sales went up 50 percent the next day after he promoted it,” she said.

Let’s delve deep into the drooling recipe! Well, it’s red velvet which works perfectly for me given that’s my favourite flavour. High quality imported ruby chocolate is used to craft the cookie which is than enhanced with 23,000 gold leafs.

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Of course, the cookie itself does not contribute substantially to the price; it’s the frills that really hike up the price of this baked goodie.


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