The Argument Chair is just so cool to sit on

You could be a saint if you say that you never get into an argument with anybody! Every layman does get himself entangled into some argument at some time of life with someone at least. And it’s not uncommon to wish that you could smash your opponent’s face with a boxing glove! Keeping all this in mind, I guess some designer has created the Argument Chair made of many boxing gloves. Although it’s a weird concept, I bet it’s pretty much comfy too. It’s definitely an ideal gift for a Muhammad Ali or Tyson fan! Imagine just propping on all the gloves and watching a cool boxing match too!

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This chair features locking casters on rear legs for mobility and adjustable stainless leveling front feet for uneven surfaces. Exclusively hand-crafted this chair is a part of a limited edition. Don’t punch me for revealing the price tag for this ‘Argument Chair’ that is a little less then $6,000.
Material: Nickel plated hardened steel and real Everlast leather boxing gloves
Dimensions: 30″W x 36″D x 48″H

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