World’s most expensive desk by Parnian costs $200,000!

How I wish I was rich enough to make the world’s most expensive desk my very own. On second thoughts I wish if I could buy even one of those desks offered by Parnian. Meanwhile, Parnian is making news for building the world’s most expensive desk for $200,000. If you thought a desk could never cost that much, you know you have just been proved wrong. The world’s most expensive desk was constructed from six different types of exotic woods as well as a custom cast piece of glass. The desk took five months to build and was made specifically for Parnian’s North Scottsdale, Arizona showroom.

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Parnian boasts of a very high-profile clientèle which include, some of the world’s most prominent CEO’s, royalty, and celebrities. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that prices start at around $6,000 and can quickly escalate depending on the level of customization and rarity of materials used.

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