2012 Prada shoe collection is inspired by ’50s Cadillac

Well fashion usually resurfaces and regurgitates ever now and then, but most of the times it is never as good as the original effort. However, Prada has a different story to tell as it brings back a 50’s Cadillac to the ramp instead. It is out with “hot-off-the-runway” footwear that considers three fashion obsessions: women, heels and cars. The shoes include pumps, sandals and wedges and are graced with high-heeled red stilettos with a “bullet-shaped tail light” and a wedge with “exhaust-pipe flames shooting out the back”. Then there is one shoe with a wedge resembling the “tail fin of a vintage Cadillac”. The shoes sport hot-rod red and racing green hues with a car-paint job feel and feature bejeweled brooches in the place of hood ornaments.

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The shoes are a part of a 1950s-inspired spring collection which also features car prints, bandeau tops, pencil skirts and pleated dresses à la Marilyn Monroe, apart from the snazzy footwear. While nothing is being said about cost yet, expect the shoes to be well above the $1,450 per pair mark.

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