40 winks on a Gulfstream – Louis Vuitton is selling $750 sleep masks

Here’s a riddle for you, readers- What do you call a thing that is meant to put you to sleep but in turn completely deprives you of it? It’s called Louis Vuitton Sleep Mask. I haven’t slept well since I learned it costs nothing less than €690 ($763). Having said that this isn’t the first time Louis Vuitton has made ridiculously expensive things to make me feel destitute; Are the rich really buying a set of Louis Vuitton color pencils for $900 and wearing a pair of fluffy slippers that cost $2,040? Then there is clearly a market for these lavish sleep masks that are crafted from a rich blend of mink fur and silk. If sleep doesn’t come easily to you, then put on the LV sleep mask you spent a bomb on and force yourself into soothing, super-soft darkness that luckily embarked on your richer-than-others eyelids!

About the product- the outside is decorated with the iconic Monogram print, while a Louis Vuitton signature lends an elegant House finish to both the head strap and the separate velvet carrying case. Shame, they don’t send someone along to put the mask on and lullaby you to sleep. The Louis Vuitton sleep mask measures 17.0 x 4.0 x 15.0 cm and comes in a natural brown color for $763. Sigh.

[Available at:Louis Vuitton]

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