A Hermes’ Birkin handbag was auctioned for $185,000 and that’s short of expectations

Granted, fine art and vintage cars fetch jaw-dropping prices at auctions. Only two days back, the Hermes’ Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birkin made the cut by being the second most expensive Birkin to be sold in the history of luxury. Made from real albino crocodile skin, this extravagant tote was auctioned for a staggering $185,000.

The sale took place at Heritage Auctions’ in Beverly Hills, which also auctioned 480 handbags from top fashion houses, namely Chanel, Hermes & Louis Vuitton.

“This is the only time that a bag of this calibre has appeared on the luxury re-sale market,” said Kathleen Guzman, managing director at Heritage Auctions. “This is a dream piece for the collection of true Hermes aficionados.”

hermes-himalayan-nilo-crocodile-birkin-2We wonder why even the privileged few would buy these bags just for the name – according to Guzman, each bag of such a calibre takes a full year to craft. “If it should become scratched or damaged, the company vows to repair the flaws ‘immediately,” explained Guzman.

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While most bags tend to reduce in value over time, Hermes is famous for selling at a premium. This is definitely not the first time a Birkin came with such a hefty price tag. In 2011, a diamond-embedded Birkin sold for $203,150.

Bag doyens have labelled the Hermes creations as one of the rarest bags in the world along with being the most expensive Birkin ever! Encrusted with 245 diamonds, the piece boasts 18-karat white gold hardware and is crafted from extremely pale crocodile skin. With these refined features, it has quickly become the most coveted bag in the world.

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These artisanal creations are only designed and crafted in small batches with a reserved tag for the elite bunch. Before you walk into a Hermes bag to buy one off the shelf, let me tell you – even a standard Birkin comes with a waiting list and a $10,000 starting price tag. No other brand has come close to knocking it off it’s perch.

Victoria Beckham is famously fond of the Hermès design, reportedly owning a collection worth over $2 million, while Kim Kardashian has so many that she uses one as a gym bag.

The impressive Hermes Birkin arguably makes it to our charts in the 12 most expensive handbags in the world.

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