A Montblanc makeover: Maison unveils brand new “M” logo for new generation of luxury leather goods

Change is the name of the game and who knows that better than the icons that have stood the test of time and witnessed it all? Montblanc was founded in 1906 and as we stand at the commencement of yet another new year, the brand that rose to international prominence for its superior writing instruments is now marking 2021 by unveiling a brand new “M” pattern that makes its debut on elegant and contemporary leather goods designed for a new generation of style-savvy women and men with the launch of the Montblanc M_Gram 4810. The new Montblanc M_Gram 4810 collection brings along an original M pattern inspired by Maison’s heritage and will henceforth be known as a Montblanc design signature. Backpacks, a duffle bag, a pouch, wallets, and belts will feature the original all-over logo treatment. The unisex line of compact shapes comes neutral, goes-with-everything sophisticated hues such as black and blue that will appeal to man and woman on their urban escapades offering both style and functionality. The beautiful products come with the satisfaction of owning something with the new logo, an exciting new identity for the new generation of Montblanc customers to flaunt. The two-color tone M pattern is inspired by the geometry and lettering of graphics from the Montblanc archives and is derived from the Montblanc wordmark developed in the 1920s.

About the Montblanc M_Gram 4810 collection, the items are PVC coated-canvas resistant to scratches, and everyday wear is paired with black leather trimming details. The stunning Montblanc M_Gram 4810 treatment has extended to Montblanc’s latest technology innovations pieces as well. The pattern is embossed on the new Montblanc MB 01 Headphones and featured on the dial and PVC canvas watch strap of the Montblanc’s Summit 2 smartwatch. The Montblanc M_Gram 4810 collection is available from January 2021 at Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online. For more information, visit montblanc.com

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