A perfect profession? Become a ‘slipper-tester’ and earn more than $50k annually

A perfect life is one where you wear no jeans and shoes and a perfect job is one of slipper-tester. A confession, to begin with, I had no idea what a slipper tester is but Welsh brand – www.bedroomathletics.com is looking for candidates to become the newfound expert insight on cozy footwear, aka slipper tester. The nightwear company wants to hire a man and woman to test and review its latest designs of slippers, cozy dressing gowns, throws, and cushions. Not only will they be handsomely paid for the privilege, but the job also brings along gets them free pairs of cozy footwear to try. For only 2 days a month, the applicant has to wear slippers for at least 12 hours a day and provide footsie feedback. If this isn’t the perfect lockdown job I don’t know what is where you make the equivalent of nearly $55,000 a year for 2 days of 12-hour superlative comfort in the form of absolutely snug slippers. The candidates need to ensure they wear slippers for at least 12 hours a day, be attuned to their senses, particularly touch, and provide honest and clear reviews and feedback.

Bedroom Athletics Founder Howard Wetter said: “With the two new slipper testers on-board we’ll be in an even better position to provide the UK’s working from home work-force with second-to-none quality slippers. I can’t wait to see the applications, with recent lockdowns across the UK we hope it will be the perfect job for someone, it really is a great role to slip into.” 2021 is just as weird as 2020!

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[Apply at Bedroom Athletics Via: The Sun]

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