After a sky-rocketing launch, Kim Kardashian is back with round two of Fendi x SKIMS.

Via Instagram / @kimkardashian Via Instagram / @skims

Like we said earlier, two Kims are better than one, and the second release of best-selling styles from Drop 1 of Fendi x SKIMS is best-selling proof. So insanely popular was the first round that the makers were forced to allow fans to get their hands on anything from the Fendi x SKIMS collab for the last time. Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to announce this special, second release of best-selling styles from Drop 1: the logo printed bodysuits and underwear. She posted, “Coming December 10: Fendi x SKIMS Drop 2. A special, second release of best-selling styles from Drop 1: the logo printed bodysuits and underwear. This is the final chance to own a piece of the groundbreaking collaboration between @Fendi and @SKIMS.”

Via Instagram / @skims

The post already has nearly 2.5 million likes, and her 267 million followers will ensure it’s sold out in seconds, akin to the first launch of the Fendi x SKIMS collab that turned out to be Kardashian’s most significant launch since she established SKIMS in 2019. The line reportedly made $1 million within 60 seconds of going live, which also caused it to sell out. The second round will only include the more popular items such as hosiery, underwear, and bodysuits. Fans won’t get a chance to purchase the sought-after leather dresses eye-catching in a range of flesh tones in the restock nor any brand-new designs.

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Via Instagram / @kimkardashian

Fans commented on Kim’s Instagram post in excitement. One wrote, ‘Perfect timing for the holidays,’ while another joked, ‘Omg you’re taking all of my money.’ Make your gifting game superior with Christmas only a few days away. To purchase the final products from the iconic collab, head over to the official Fendi x SKIMS website on December 10, starting at 9 a.m. PST/6 a.m. EST

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