AI-powered perfume bottle? Ninu is the first of its kind smart perfume device offering on-demand scents via your iPhone

The way things are going at CES this year, first with Yves Saint Laurent’s AI lipstick maker and now the world’s first ‘smart perfume‘ device, it’s only a matter of time that we will read about hairstyle-making hairbrushes or a makeup robot that fixes you look in no time. Till that happens, let’s focus on the nearly unnecessary (you never know this may excite a perfume lover) Ninu, a rechargeable cologne device that can store up to three separate fragrances. With its companion app, the device can spritz out scents depending on the user’s mood, such as ‘Move,’ ‘Fresh,’ and ‘Sexy.’ You may also tap your inner perfume maker and ditch the pre-loaded ratios to stir up something new from the three cartridges, covering three foundational categories of scent. With some help from an AI perfume master called ‘Pierre’ who lives in the companion app, and depending on their mood for the day, users can tweak the mix to their preference. You can go from fruity floral in the day to a more musky choice for a night out, on-demand, and the app will adjust the fragrance level and leave you smelling as you desire. Apparently, Ninu holds the smarts to spray out more than a million fragrance variations, which are hard to believe considering the diminutive exterior of the lovely Ninu that holds inner perfume cartridges made from recyclable glass.

Ninu promises to only use “100% vegan, sustainably-sourced ingredients” that are free from phthalates, parabens, and sulfates, and packaging will only use natural ink. Ninu smart perfume device CEO Marko Matijevic says, “The finest French perfumers are still picking types and notes. The fusion of three different notes in all various combinations is hard to achieve. We are almost at the end, we just need some fine-tuning. The user will manipulate and play with scents thru the app on his smartphone. There will be some suggestions inside our app made by professional perfumers, but they will not limit users.”

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[Via: Input Mag]

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