This $600 million, 728 feet long yacht will be the first private residence superyacht in the world and it will offer 39 ultra luxury homes starting at $11M each.

Make way for Somnio, the world’s first “Yacht Liner,” which will also be the largest superyacht in the world. The enormous, 33,500-ton vessel will contain a collection of 39 luxury apartments, with Tillberg Design of Sweden and Winch Design from the U.K. creating the residences and amenity spaces. Jaw-dropping floating condo for the super-rich is on the table starting at 9.5million euros ($11.2million), equipped with the finest life on the ocean waves like no other. The apartments will be spread over six decks, each one fully customizable. A personal kitchen, gym, a library, inside/outside dining spaces, and distinct dressing areas are all potential features.

Captain Erik Bredhe, the co-founder of Somnio, said in a statement, “Somnio, meaning ‘to dream’ in Latin, will be the largest yacht in the world by length and volume, and offer apartment owners the finest quality available at sea. Owners will have access to a ‘spectacular’ 10,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and tasting room, a choice of restaurants and bars, and an onboard beach club featuring water-sports facilities.

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Not only are the affluent resident getting to enjoy heavenly amenities on board in addition to “seven-star” service but also access to some of the world’s finest ports like the Mediterranean, New York, the South Pacific, and expeditions in Antarctica. We are really looking forward to seeing this beautiful yacht liner sail in 2024.”

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The pandemic has proven that our planet isn’t exactly the safest place to live in, and it can happen again, which makes superyachts like Somnio a great option for billionaires who can afford to escape the harsh realities of life. The yacht liner will offer world-class medical care in addition to the highest level of safety by keeping owners away from pandemics and other global risks. The project, delivered from Vard Søviknes in Norway, is expected to take about three years.

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