Alice in Wonderland show collection by Irregular Choice is not regular at all

Now on I am going to view Alice from a very different perspective. A bearer of a tremendous weight – the heel, and weight, of a woman quirky enough to buy shoes or boots that shrunk her to the heel-size. I bet she would just want to drink the potion that shrunk her to the keyhole size once again, rather than having to go through this rather pathetic fate. The British footwear brand Irregular Choice may be all too unique in their approach in making exclusive footwear with a very wide eye for details, but expecting people to wear it AND have sales too – AAAND have their products sell out – that is some mighty luck in business. But for people with most modest tastes and those into literature, would want to just sink in Alice’s tears and die!

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The collection is a tribute to the 1951 Disney movie on Alice in Wonderland. Some examples are – Cheshire flats (with that ruthless grin) and Tick Tock Mary Janes – which are sold out on the brand’s website, but available on other sites such as and Ashbury Skies for different rates ranging from $190 to $345. All in the Golden Afternoon, Lost your Munchness boots, Who in the World am I? bootie (hehe that sounds kind of cool). These are statement shoes – I would like to meet those who bought them, and see where they will wear them. It should be interesting.
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