Angelina Jolie’s Christian Louboutin shoes from Maleficent could now be yours for $1,600

The last thing one could’ve expected to get out of Maleficient’s release is a pair of high heels. And yet, the children’s film has now become the subject of every Louboutin loving (and very much grown) woman’s conversation long after its box office success. All thanks to “Malangeli”. Seen on the 39 year old actress on a promotional tour of the Disney film, the custom made Christian Louboutin shoe has made a comeback.

malangeli-shoe-2I might’ve missed the film but I distinctly remember the news about Angelina Jolie teaming up with Stella McCartney to create Maleficient-themed gear for kids. I even wrote it. But I do know this- Jolie’s character that sports black throughout and calls herself the Mistress of All Evil is the inspiration for the nude mesh that has made its way into this latest collaboration, for ‘an illusion of magic’.

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malangeli-shoe-1The French shoemaker has kept his red sole signature intact, of course. And the heel is sculpted to resemble tendrils of smoke. Seen in black, white, gold and now red, each has been hand-made in Monsieur Louboutin’s Paris atelier and will be sold only on a made-to-order basis at the price of $1,600. Good thing is, profits from the sales will benefit SOS Children’s Villages, the charity dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children, and supported by Jolie, herself.

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