Apple iPhone diamond-studded case costs $14,990!

A lot has already been done for the Apple iPhone, but never has it been so extravagant and so beautiful and so deathly expensive. But if you can own an Apple iPhone, you can surely spend that little extra on its maintenance too. To know how much little more read on. Noreve St. Tropez, a luxury leather case designer, has recently released a new diamond-studded leather pouch for the Apple iPhone 3G. Each case is magnificently handcrafted in genuine leather adorned with 272 diamonds. Each diamond is between 18 and 22 points and of VS1 quality and G color. The total diamond weight is approximately 6.8 Carats.

Thats not where the fun ends. You can also pick your favourite colour from any of Noreve’s 15 color choices from Black to Pink to Sandy Vintage. Now for the real thing. It costs $14,990.00. You must have got an idea on reading about the 272 embedded diamonds, so no sweat there!

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