Arm Candy of the week – Bottega Veneta Bulb bag

What do you love Bottega Veneta for? Their uber-chic chain cassette crossbody bag or the very eco-friendly yet super sassy BV Twist bag? If you love them all, then the latest ‘it bag’ will surely make you smile as it’s riding high on style with its iconic level tearing through the roof. The latest accessory designed by Daniel Lee, the Bottega Veneta ‘bulb’ shoulder bag is coming in medium, small and mini sizes for your daily ‘fits. Fashion enthusiasts, feel free to unleash your excitement as handbags just got cute again with an adorable rounded shape and a drawstring closure. It’s more than just a cute form and impresses with function as the drawstring extends into a strap that allows the piece to be worn crossbody or by the hand. The cutest accessory of the season comes in a smooth version or the signature interwoven pattern and different color shades, from “Tapioca” to “Grape,” from “Buttercup” to “Chili.” Boasting the same color palette is the mini bulb bag that’s practical enough to house your daily essentials and can be adjusted to sport a standard tote shape or a gathered bulb-like look.

The LBB (little bulb bag) is enhanced with gold-tone charms on the strap and is crafted in Italy. Bottega Veneta Bulb bags are priced from $1,100 to $2,300 and thanks to their versatility give its user the benefit of owning 3 bags in one. Just remember to open the coulisse to turn it into a tote bag or to tighten it as a handbag.

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[Available at: Harrods]

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