We are not at all surprised – Balenciaga’s PS5 hoodie t-shirt costs more than a PS5 console

Fashion and gaming combine with Balenciaga’s recent collaboration with Sony PlayStation 5. The result is exclusive merchandise that is just as luxe but a lot more pricier as compared to the actual console. Yes, that’s right!

Featuring two T-shirts and a hoodie marked with iconic PlayStation branding and “Balenciaga” written in the signature PlayStation font, the Balenciaga X Sony PlayStation 5 range comes in months after the official release of the latter’s latest flagship gaming console.

The pieces are luxe at best and include motifs such as the “PS5” logo, PlayStation insignia, the unpretentious geometric button shapes of a triangle, a circle, a cross, and a square, along with “Nov 2020” marking the release month of the console.

The entire range is priced much higher than an actual PS5 console which retails at $499 USD. However, given the Balenciaga stamp of approval, the price may not be unreasonable after all. The Sony PlayStation 5 x Balenciaga T-shirt and Hoodie are currently available for purchase on Balenciaga’s official website and at select locations worldwide for $675 USD and $875 USD, respectively.

If luxury in gaming is what you crave, don’t miss out on these!

[Available at Balenciaga]

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