Balenciaga’s new sneakers cost $5,750, but you cannot wear them

Don’t you love your shoes so much that you’d like to immortalize them by making a museum of sorts for them? Christian Louboutin did so with the retrospective design museum in London. Every other auction is banking on people’s insatiable shoe fetish, and more recently, the love for shoes, rather ‘a shoe’ in particular, has been monumentalized by Balenciaga belonging to French luxury group Kering. A new category named Objects produced outside of the Paris-based label’s fashion collections will give fans of Balenciaga’s Track.2 sneaker a chance to buy a limited-edition sculpture of the shoe. This metal sculpture is shaped like a size 41 sneaker and is the best way to look at something you so deeply love! Balenciaga’s limited-edition silver brass sculpture is meant for home décor purposes, unfortunately, cannot be worn. I thought it better to clarify as fashion is boundless and fashionistas won’t stop at anything. The silver brass Track.2 is a highly sought-after collector piece coveted by art enthusiasts and sneakerheads. The sculpture captures the layered design and the silhouette of Track 2 before being spray-painted bright silver.

A spokesperson from the brand states, “Part of a lineage of objects d’art that recontextualize everyday products, the palladium and brass sculpture is a cross between a bronzed baby shoe keepsake and a Dadaist Readymade, transforming the functional Balenciaga sneaker into an inflexible solid”. Limited to just 16 pieces the Balenciaga Track.2 Sculpture is currently available for the price of $5,750.

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[Via: WWD]

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