Cant visit a Gucci store? Gucci Live will bring personalised online shopping to you

You can’t bring yourself to a Gucci store? Then bring the Gucci store to you! Gucci’s latest tech bet has it recreating the personal experience of in-store shopping through Gucci Live. No one goes anywhere; not the potential client nor the executive making the sale. The only thing that will make a move is a lot of money and an exceptionally good-looking handbag right from the safe comforts of your humble abode. It works with an impeccably dressed client-advisor showing you the latest offerings of the luxury brand from what can be called a ‘faux luxury store’. It is a space created with cameras and TV-style lighting for the new “remote clienteling” as Gucci dubs this first-of-its-kind service. The staff communicates with shoppers on their mobiles or laptops from the 2,300-square-metre client services hub, Gucci 9 in Florence. Let’s not be fooled by images of long beelines outside luxury stores. The sales are still badly affected and these lines alone won’t salvage the losses. This is why such innovations are the need of the day not just to amp businesses but to get the esteemed consumer what they desire to purchase. A large number of potential and interested clients are still unable to visit stores but require the personal service associated with luxury.

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci president and CEO, said in a statement when Gucci 9 opened, “The mission of our Gucci 9 global service centre is to provide our customers around the world with a direct connection to the Gucci community that is a seamless, always accessible, personalized experience,” Gucci is currently appointing only a handful of client advisors in the six Gucci 9 centres in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, and Florence.

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[Via: Vogue Business]

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