Shoppers line up outside luxury boutiques as Printemps department store reopens in Paris

How long has it been seen you physically shopped in a store? When was the last time you were welcomed inside your favourite place to splurge by a whiff of strong air conditioning combined with a fruity-floral fragrance? Don’t you terribly miss running your fingers over brand new, unused clothes hanging crisply over hangers and mannequins? Or standing in front of a full-sized mirror in a luxury store and holding a plethora of bags cause it makes you smile? You, my friend, are not alone. I know that for sure as I have seen images of masked shoppers lined up to browse at luxury boutiques inside Printemps’ main Paris store on Thursday. As France gradually eases its lockdown measures and restrictions following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, hoards of shoppers flanked the city’s major department store that reopened after two months of closure. Printemps, owned by Qatari investors, is one of the pre-eminent French department stores saw a lot of interested buyers including many Asian residents in Paris, queued up outside the stores especially to nab best sellers from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words we have 5 of them for you. A world that’s more hungry to shop for bags than food can be witnessed below-

Customers all masked and set to shop at their favourite hotspot that houses the best luxury brands

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Can’t have enough of Louis Vuitton? A long lineup of customers seen maintaining distance outside an LV store

The salesmen at luxury brands are ready to take the numbers up. Seen taking precautions they are ready to welcome clients wearing masks and maintaining safe distance.

Help desk staff seen wearing protective face masks with a sanitizer in attendance to help customers with queries but not without abiding to safety rules.

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A responsible staff member is seen spraying items at store with disinfectant to maintain safety standards.

[Via: Reuters India]

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