Checkout the stunning Aston Martin eye-wear collection

Aston Martin may be well known for their cars but the company is now making waves in the fashion circuit as well. The car manufacturer has collaborated with eyewear company Marma to create a 36 piece collection of eyewear for the Spring 2015. The sunglasses are handcrafted, spotlighting innovative technology, high quality materials and classic designs. The brands have drawn on traditional colors and flattering shapes to create a modern yet minimal collection.

aston-martin-marma-collection-1Materials like acetate and titanium are used to create updated variations on the ever-popular aviator style sunglasses. Eyewear enthusiasts will be thrilled with the collection of 6 designs that come in a variety of frame and lense colors ranging from green and grey to blue, gold and brown.

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aston-martin-marma-collection-4Launched in 2004, Marma boasts a bold aesthetic but is not always all about fashion. This brand is sure to spotlight their innovative materials and expert craftsmanship as well, making a perfect complement to Aston Martin’s classic and high quality cars.

aston-martin-marma-collection-5The premium collection will be available at Marma stores in the UK, Italy as well as in the Netherlands.

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[Via – marma]