Costing $10,000 a pair these morbidly ugly heels have a flesh-like appearance

It is ghastly. Downright ghastly. Even if the co-creator says that it is supposed to be something that is meant to make the community accept such an intimidating and scary object. I am not saying these shoes by Montreal-based Fecal Matter are scary and intimidating – I feel they are ghastly in its true sense. Designers Hannah Rose Dalton and her partner Steven Raj Bhaskaran launched this through their Instagram account, using a home video and the result is just – absolutely ghastly.

So the product in discussion is a skin boot. Simply put, a pair of boots that literally morphs onto your skin. It comes with “satanic” heels and faux toes. The boots are like real skin, thigh-high, also featuring skin hair and moles. I know, right? Ghastly. The designer duo first launched the idea through posts on Instagram showing designs done up on Photoshop – under the brand Skin Heel. They then decided that it would be totally rad to create these visuals into reality by launching these heels, which they collaborated with artist Sarah Sitkin – and her work? Well, they are an understatement to ghastly. As much as creativity is a precious gift to the evolution of mankind, designs like these make us really wonder of how WELL we have evolved, really.

The designers have only released one pair, which they launched at their first fashion show in London. This particular pair, which has taken the shape and texture of its creator, Dalton, is for sale at $10,000. The designers plan to create more skin heels, but at a lesser price. Thank God for the little mercies. Or not.

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