Costing $40,000, the world’s most expensive Christmas jumper is encrusted with diamonds and woven with 24-carat gold thread.

Via - The most expensive jumper.

Holidays are meant to splurge and go crazy! And presenting you with an opportunity to do so is the sale of a Christmas jumper that comes bedecked with diamonds and gold. Yes, that’s right!

Via – The most expensive jumper.

No ordinary outfit, it is designed by London-based artist Aidan Liban who spent all his life savings to create it. Its luxe make costs a grand $39,859 and has given it the tag of the most expensive Christmas jumper ever to be made.

Via – The most expensive jumper.

The luxe garment boasts a reindeer design adorned with diamond-encrusted silver stars, 24-carat gold threading, Italian silk lining and is covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals. It apparently took 3,000 hours and copious amounts of effort to make.

Via – The most expensive jumper.

The idea to make the jumper struck the Liban during lockdown when he was living alone. He procured the 24-carat silk from a specialist French shop and 150 diamonds from a Hatton Garden specialist. The entire project cost him $9,300 to finish.

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While the main body of the jumper is made from wool and cotton, it’s lined on the inside with gorgeous silk that ‘soft like a kitten.’

Furthermore, the diamonds bear little imperfections while the reindeer features a Swarovski gold locket around its neck
Commenting on it, the budding artist in a statement said, “I had a vision, and I made it come true. I wanted to create something magnificent and eye-catching – which I have done…I improvised a lot when making it; I just have an eye for where each element needs to go.”

He further added, ‘Christmas jumpers were never really in my family tradition, so I thought I’d do it in style. Whoever does buy it can wear it, but it won’t be washable as it’s so delicate. The time it’s taken me is the main factor in the price tag; it took me so long. I’ve only had time to work on it in evenings and weekends. I’m broke now, so I need to get it sold. I think it’s worth every penny.’

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Liban, who also works as a celebrity stylist, is hoping to sell the jumper for five figures and even donate a portion of the cash. For those interested, the jumper is currently available for sale on the artist’s website.

[Available at: The most expensive Jumper]

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