Could the Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2020 Millésime be the most attractive perfume ever?

We are going to put you in a dilemma by asking you what’s more wonderful about the new Cherry Blossom 2020 Millésime by Guerlain? Is it the bottle or the fragrance? You will surely have a hard time deciding but we can help you by telling you more about this limited edition perfume. The Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2020 Millésime is designed in collaboration with the design house of accessories Maison Massillon, a company specializing in delicate, unique porcelain artworks. The fragrance is inspired by the very famous Japanese “hanami” custom that involves the gorgeous “sakura” trees. The nose behind the fragrance is none other than Jean-Paul Guerlain who gives the world of women a fabulous floral fragrance that is impossible to ignore.

Top notes are bergamot and green tea followed by wonderful florals like lilac, cherry blossom, and jasmine with a white musk base note. The bottle in question is embellished with branches of sakura made of porcelain in white and pink with a silky finish. The ornamental buds on the bottle are of 24k gold. This collector’s item, the Cherry Blossom 2020 Millésime Limited Edition is available in 145 ml bottles. Only 200 copies will be made and sold exclusively in Japan and online.

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