Retro factor: House of Sillage has released a Limited edition Wonder Woman 1984 inspired fragrance & bow lipstick case

Compassionate, competitive and clearly good-looking these character traits define wonder woman and also the Limited Edition Fragrance & Bow Lipstick Case Set based on the warrior who avoids a battle but push her and she will engage in a war! We are self-confessed lovers who first informed you about the upcoming fall debut of Wonder Woman 1984, the second film starring Gal Gadot as its heroine. After we set our sights on the superhero-inspired Miu Miu Wonder Woman T-Shirt, we are delighted to see what has materialized in House of Sillage, a global powerhouse in luxury haute parfumerie and cosmétique. Wonder woman fans can enhance their collections dedicated to the Amazon by acquiring the latest offering of the Wonder Woman 1984 Collection, featuring a fragrance and bow lipstick case, in partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, inspired by the upcoming epic superhero film of the same name. The Wonder Woman 1984 fragrance is sultry and bold rendering a fearless flair to find your truth and passionately pursue your authentic destiny. Sounds familiar right? Wonder woman herself would love this bold, multi-chromatic design that screams of fierce femininity and invigorating fun. Unleash your inner goddess by immersing your senses in top notes of davana, pink pepper, raspberry, and bergamot followed by almond, musk, and vanilla absolute. Much like its inspiration, the bottle stands out from the crowd with its attractive hand-painted ombre effect in the finest quality French glass.

The bow lipstick case bears resemblance to the perfume bottle with similar brilliant multichromatic streaks. It features a lipstick refill in a bold, red shade named “Wonder Woman”. Thanks to the presence of over 300 brilliant diamond-cut Swarovski crystals, the beautiful lipstick case makes a mark and successfully emulates Wonder Woman’s majestic armor. The Wonder Woman 1984 Collection by House of Sillage will be available online at on July 31st, 2020, and Bloomingdales on August 7th, 2020 in limited quantities of only 400 pieces. The Wonder Woman 1984™ Collection Limited Edition Parfum sells for $ 395.00 for 75 ml and lipstick for $ 250.

[Available at: House Of Sillage]