Miu Miu’s Wonder Woman capsule tee collection is here to empower the women of the world

The wonderful Wonder Woman is a savior. She’s a hero who has inspired generations of women around the world. Much like every woman on the planet who battles every difficulty that crops up in her path, the superhero too is exceptionally competent at saving the day and this time she will begin with your wardrobe. Italian luxury house Miu Miu is releasing its new capsule collection inspired by Wonder Woman. The timing couldn’t have been better when the world’s in dire need of saving and the presence of Wonder Woman will grant you the strength to battle harsh days with ease. In true comic book style the brand has got us three short-sleeve jersey tees with comic book prints of the superhero. Wonder woman looks uniquely strong in these tees as she poses athletically in mid-flight, reining in a fire-breathing dragon with an onomatopoeic “yeeaahgh!” scrawled above. Goes without saying that the superwoman is seen staying loyal to her sassy costume of the classic tube top and starry hotpants.

Miu Miu’s Wonder Woman tee collection coincides with the upcoming fall debut of Wonder Woman 1984, the second film starring Gal Gadot as its heroine. The Miu Miu Wonder Woman T-Shirt capsule collection is now available online for $685.

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[Available at: Miu Miu]

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