We’re lovin’ it! McDonald’s collaborates with Colette for limited edition clothing and accessories

Fast food heavyweight McDonald’s has announced a partnership with Parisian clothing (and lifestyle) brand Colette for a limited edition collection of apparel and accessories inspired by the legendary family restaurant. The collection will include T-shirts, tote bags, scarves, notebooks and smartphone cases and will be available at Colette’s store in Paris and on their website between the 4th and 31st of May. The limited edition items will reportedly be priced between €1 and €35 (That’s a maximum of $38).

mcdonalds-2The products will feature pixelated images of iconic McDonald’s foods such as burgers, fries and sliced cheese that were first used as part of a publicity campaign in France last year. Incidentally while other brands are capitalizing on the McDonald’s logo, (we’re looking at you, Moschino), the first images of the collection don’t boast the famous golden arches at all!

mcdonalds-3The decision to collaborate with French clothing company initially struck us as a head scratcher. Isn’t McDonald’s the complete opposite of what French food stands for? Well, we were as shocked as you to find out that McDonald’s is actually very popular in France with something like 2 million meals selling there every day! McDonald’s fans in the USA are surely already praying that some of this collection lands up on Ebay!

[Via – Luxo]

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