Could this be the worlds most decadent vending machine? (Hint – It’s from Tiffany’s)

Tiffany & Co. is all about elegance and exclusivity, so we were surprised to hear that they’re selling products in vending machines! But in true Tiffany style, you won’t find candy or snackbars in these automatic dispensers, instead they contain perfume! Located in their London store, this vending machine is painted Tiffany blue and contains packages containing their very first fragrance.

This little trick will definitely amuse customers for whom the combination of a high end perfume and a vending machine is a novelty. The vending machine seems to contain not only the perfume itself, but also the matching lotion, shower gel and cream.

The fragrance itself boasts top note of Vert de mandarine, middle notes of noble iris and base notes of patchouli and musk. If you’re not lucky enough to use the vending machine in London, you can buy the fragrance online here: Tiffany


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