Dented for destinations: This $380 suitcases are pre-abused to make them look well-traveled

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you purchase a new suitcase? This is the last time it will look this pristine, and that’s even before it made the first trip to the airport. You’re not alone in thinking so, followed by the dejection of spotting a dented brand new suitcase gliding its way to you on the luggage belt. Lucky for us, Italian outfit Crash is releasing a collection of already dented suitcases, so they look well-traveled, and what worries us becomes a trend! You don’t have to think about how the airport baggage workers will handle your luggage because it’s already handled and used forever without care! Isn’t the very thought liberating and a great way to begin a trip? Designer Francesco Pavia says: “At an airport, I saw someone stressing about some damage to their new suitcase and I wanted to counter that. We should celebrate every collision, every crash, and every trip because it just adds to the story of our travels.” That’s accurate; every bump reminds us of the location where we bumped, crashed, and laughed, but if these bumps are bothersome, then why not flog your bags in advance, make it a trend-of-sorts and make them likable with imperfections?

The department store chain Selfridges is keeping the pre-abused wheeled stripe range that is instantly recognizable for obvious reasons. The Stripe range comes in three sizes, cabin, medium, and large in bright hues and big bumps for approximately $310, $425, and $480.

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[Available at: Crash Baggage]

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