Dior brings back the classic Miss Dior fragrance – This time in a limited edition bottle and an astronomical price tag of $2500

The Miss Dior Love Edition appears to be exactly the same Miss Dior fragrance, only dressed up in a fancy new bottle and limited to 47 bottles worldwide

I love the luxury industry. It comes out with mental things like US$1,500 paper clips (I’m looking at you, Tiffany & Co.) and US$1,800 sneakers (they better be good, Mr Abloh), but at least with your indulgent purchase, you get a new, never-before-experienced product.

I’m almost giddy with glee today because Dior has just launched its Miss Dior Love Edition, and as far as I can tell, it’s exactly the same Miss Dior fragrance, but dressed up in a fancy new bottle and limited to only 47 bottles worldwide (with two in Hong Kong). The luxury brand has priced this new old perfume at HK$19,000 (US$2,420).

It’s extraordinary, but the price adds to its allure. It’s certainly a beautiful bottle to look at, with a pearl grey bow made of double-faced Japanese satin, embroidered with scarlet stones, grey beads and red sequins. The craftsmanship, of course, comes from the experts at Dior Couture Ateliers. It’s lovely, but the value lies entirely in the few centimetres of bow, which represents “the entire spirit of Miss Dior”. This may sound excessively indulgent to some, but to others (myself included), it’s genius marketing, and I bow to your bow, Dior.

If you’re one of the lucky/insane 47, please let me touch the bow. I’ll buy lunch.

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