Dior ID sneaker brings the suavity of stilettos and comfort of loafers with a new low-cut women’s model

Stilettos scream style and sneakers scream comfort and that’s how the story continued until Dior stirred up the regularities to give stylish women a sassy pair of sneakers called ‘Dior-ID’. Dior-ID is a brand new footwear style added to their sneaker lineup, and it arrives in a two-tone design. The shoe fuses fashion and convenience, resembling both a loafer and a tennis shoe, making it just the perfect pair to team up with any outfit from sweatpants to a power suit, maxi to jeans. We were completely digging the new silhouette with uppers built from luxe calfskin leather and accentuated with hints of dark blue, nude, green, or red on the lateral strap, heel, and tongue. Colorful contrast stitching adds to the chunky design that flaunts “Dior-ID” emblazoned in gold to append a touch of richness. Additional Dior branding can be found on the shoe’s heel. Adding a new dimension to the shoe is a chunky midsole, which connects to a notched outsole decorated with a star, aka Christian Dior’s lucky symbol. The stocky shoe gives the false impression of being tall, but that’s hardly the case.

The Dior-ID sneaker is now available in four iterations dark blue, nude, green, red, and monochromatic leather and rubber hybrid models in black and white with gold detailing. The Dior-ID sneaker is available at select Dior boutiques and websites for $1,150.

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