Do you have $1000 for Google’s Yves Saint Laurent Cit-e backpack that controls your smartphone?

So it started with phones turning into smartphones and then into tablets cause smartphones weren’t enough and then came in a smartwatch to control the smartphone cause it just wasn’t easy enough anymore. And now we have news Google’s latest product is a $1,000 backpack that controls your smartphone. So this is clearly showing us technology isn’t resting and we are going to have newness in our tech lives always. The company’s touch-sensitive fabric technology is making a comeback of sorts in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent. The Cit-E smart backpack is part of Google’s “connected clothing” venture, Jacquard and comes on the coattails of the smart commuter jacket they made with Levi’s a couple of years back. So the brains of this backpack are located on the left strap. The Cit-E backpack is powered by a removable “tag” that houses the battery and internal hardware. This tag pairs with the Jacquard app on your phone and renders a series of hand motions, programmed by you, into directives the app can carry out which means you can get a rundown on the news, your commute, and the weather as well as snap a selfie all with the wave of a hand. There are four gestures that can be triggered — “Brush In,” “Brush Down,” “Double Tap,” and “Cover,” and the Project Jacquard app has been redesigned to make programming the tag even easier.

The backpack isn’t for everyone as it has a lot of expensive names and features attached to it. It’s a luxury product and commands a luxury price. To get it for yourself you’ll have to shell out $995. Take the technology out and it’s a nice bag in itself built from 100% nylon with a canvas lining and features a sleek black color scheme with a minimalistic approach.


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