Does this $1,170 Moschino Baguette bag satiate your fashion hunger?

Not only will the Moschino Baguette Bag leave you hungry it will also leave you poorer by a few thousand. The luxury brand is known for its knack to turn everyday objects into a high-fashion must-have. They did it earlier with a McDonalds’ collection, the oversized Macro Lighter clutch, and then a Moschino take-away cup bag came our way, but that had nothing on this pricey baguette bag that the world may clearly not ‘knead’ into its handbag closet if the internet response is anything to go by. What gives away its reality as a ‘maxi-clutch’ is the printed baguette-shaped faux leather and gold plated plate’ Moschino Made In Heaven’ tag. If a loaf of bread doesn’t satiate your hunger for fashion, then double the carb-dosage with a Croissant bag that is also part of its collection. With features like a gold-plated chain, a chain shoulder strap, brand label, and magnetic closure, the croissant bag is the same as its longer counterpart with the same price tag too.

The fashion police were alarmed as Moschino released this baguette bag, which some of them had to say. One Twitter user mocked, “Just when 2020 was going from bad to worse, Moschino turned it around with a statement item everyone’s always wanted in their wardrobe.. A baguette bag”. One Twitter user asked, “£758 to look like you’re holding a subway, is this a joke?’ Another clever tweet read, ‘I decided to treat myself to a new Moschino’s baguette clutch bag, but halfway home got bit hungry.’ The Moschino Baguette Bag is priced at $1,170.

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