Make a smokin’ hot entrance with Moschino’s oversized Macro Lighter clutch

The joy of art is that it can’t be explained; fashion, similarly tip-toes between the world of art, design, and commercial gains. Moschino clearly seems like a high-end brand that does all of the above with unparalleled flair and flamboyance. What else does one expect from a Moschino’s FW20 show that’s held in a New York subway car if not a Macro Lighter Bag? This bag caught the attention of everyone who uses the device or not from a sea of ridiculously baggy bags and backpacks. The shape of the bag is a faithful replica of a Bic-style lighter; it replicated every detail to perfection which also involved the use of metal to create the lighter wheel that literally moves. The body of the clutch is made entirely of calfskin, available in two different black and royal blue colorways. The base of the bag is made of plastic while the opening is equipped with a magnetic opening with a lined interior and equipped with pockets.

The Moschino Macro Lighter Bag is one way to make a smokin’ hot entrance (pun intended). We totally dig this oversized clutch that embodies Moschino’s signature sense of whimsy and playful charm and wouldn’t gasp at the $2170 price tag.

[Available at: Moschino]

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