Kate Spade to launch iPhone charging bag collections

Have you imagined what life would be without out iPhones? Scary, isn’t it? We keep getting reminded of the frustration every time the battery dies just when we are about to click on Buy and by the time we find a charger and get the phone started again, that amazing pair of shoes would have been sold out.
Such woes.

Well, here is the grand news. Kate Spade & Co has tied up with Everpurse, a seed-funded startup, to launch a new collection of designer bags with in-built iPhone chargers.
Yes, believe it, its true. Committed not just to innovation, but to their loyal customers, Kate Spade jumped out of their design rooms to understand their clientele. They spotted the most frustrating thing this side of the millennium, and identified it as being an out of charge iPhones. The problem is valid – how many times have we had to stamp our feet or hit our heads when the battery drains out and leaving us at the mercy of friends, colleagues or absolute strangers?
This technology took 10 long months in fruition but it is definitely here to stay. The bags will have the slot to charge iPhones – from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 plus. Instead of plugging it onto a wall outlet, the bags can be placed on a charging mat sending wireless energy.

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The collection will be available from September and will include clutches, wristlets, totes and backpacks. They will be sold by Kate Spade New York stores, Kate Spade online, Nordstrom and Everpurse.com and will cost between $198 and $698.

This is not the first time that fashion brands have paid tribute to their biggest client source. iPhones are today what poodles were in the mid twentieth century. They are treated like a family member, and dressed up like a ramp model.

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